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Our Family's Story

In 2018, our small family farm started growing hemp for high CBD & CBG. We were hoping to be able to improve the lives of people and pets in our community, and around the world, with the highest quality CBD and CBG products available on the market. At the beginning of 2020, we also decided to add in a 2 acre community fruit and vegetable garden; we were bombarded with bees! It was absolutely amazing to watch them pollinate all of our flowering plants. Our love for bees and the multiple, incredible benefits of raw honey just increased tenfold. Then, we had a fantastic idea: LET’S COMBINE THE TWO!  And so, HoneyBeez Infused Honey was created. All of our honey is local to East Texas, where our farm is located. And our THC-free CBD & CBG are sourced from a state of the art facility in Southern Oregon.


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