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About Us

Our Family's Story

We are the Caballero family. We are a large family with an even larger love for helping others. Back in 2010, our oldest daughters health issues sent us on a decade long journey to find natural, healthy products that fit with our already busy lifestyle. We started farming; growing and raising most of our own food. This eventually turned from a hobby into a business and we started CT Ranch in 2012. We have been providing our community with farm raised food for almost 12 years now. This is when we first learned about CBD. We heard countless stories from others of the possible benefits, we read through so many stories that had been done and poured through research on how it works with our own bodies natural endocannabinoid system. We farmed hemp for almost 5 years, learning everything we possibly could about producing the highest quality CBD products from the dirt to the seeds to the harvest.

Most recently, we have decided to take our love of farming, CBD, and helping others to another level; we combined them all! We have taken one of Mother Natures most precious gifts; raw honey, and infused it with CBD, essentially creating a powerhouse super food. Our greatest passion is continually learning, and helping to educate anyone we meet, about natural alternatives for their own journeys to a healthier life.

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