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The Benefits of CBD Infused Honey to Promote Sleep

Sometimes, a good night’s rest is hard to get. The lingering stress and worry of the day bleeds into our nighttime routines, leaving us tossing and turning. We wake up tired and irritated and the cycle starts right over.

When this lack of sleep continues night after night, sleep deprivation starts to erode our health, cognition and physical and mental wellbeing. Over time, our bodies pay the price with symptoms ranging from persistent undereye bags, a decline in mental health, and reduced immunity. 

The issue of sleep quality (and quantity) has spawned the creation of intense marketing of a variety of sleep aids such as melatonin, herbal supplements, and teas to combat it. 

Groggy and desperate, some sleep-deprived people end up trying product after product, yoga exercises, meditation, and other methods to finally get some quality shut-eye. 

Now, there’s another pathway to a restful sleep: CBD and honey. Read on to learn how these two ingredients work together to end sleepless nights. 

What’s CBD Infused Honey?

CBD infused honey is exactly what it sounds like! It is just CBD and honey mixed together. 

A simple but powerful combination, CBD and honey work together by creating a tasty blend that relaxes your mind and body. 

Adding just a spoonful of this mix may help you drift into the kind of deep sleep that leaves you refreshed and recharged. 

The Benefits of CBD for Sleep

While honey is a health powerhouse in its own right, CBD is the star of the show as a sleep aid. 

Unlike THC, cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It can’t get you high. Instead, CBD is commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety, two of the main enemies of a good night’s rest. 

The calming effect of CBD is likely related to its interaction with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that regulate fear and stress. It may also help stimulate serotonin production naturally. CBD may also be able to reduce cortisol levels in the body, allowing you to relax enough to go to sleep.  

When compared to other sleep aids such as certain pills, CBD helps you drift off to sleep rather than forcing you into it. 

Outside of sleep, CBD has long been noted as being beneficial for pain relief. By working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD helps regulate inflammation.

For conditions that are associated with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and cancer, incorporating CBD treatments has been found to have some positive impact. 

CBD and Honey: The Right Combo for Good Sleep?

When combined, the individual properties of both honey and CBD make this combination a powerhouse for fighting insomnia and sleep deprivation. Both CBD and honey contribute to the release of sleep promotion hormones such as melatonin.

Ingesting CBD Infused Honey for Sleep 

A great side benefit of CBD and honey is the versatility. From drinks to meals , you can choose how you want to ingest it. 

Incorporate CBD and honey into your nightly routine as you unwind. You can take it as a quick spoonful or get more creative!

Naturally sweet and delicious, CBD-infused honey is easy to spread on toast or drizzle into yogurt or a cup of warm tea. It can also be combined with other common aids for sleep and relaxation such as L-Theanine or chamomile tea. 

You can even make it a part of dinner! Try honey-glazed chicken or use CBD-infused honey in desserts or cocktails. 

However you choose to enjoy it, CBD and honey relaxes your mind and body to prepare you for hours of quality rest. 

Other Uses for CBD and Honey

The benefits of CBD-infused honey extends way past sleep. A few drops of CBD into raw honey may seem simple but can have amazing health benefits including:

Improving the Immune System

A powerful antifungal and antibacterial agent, honey has been used to promote good health for thousands of years. With CBD’s stress-relieving properties, the duo may aid in reducing the free radicals in inflammation that can wreak havoc on stressed immune systems. 

Improving Gut Health

CBD and honey can work together as powerful digestive aids by tackling toxins in the colon and the rest of the body. Honey is known as an excellent prebiotic and can fight bad gut bacteria before it becomes a problem. As elevated cortisol levels can lead to intestinal issues such as the leaky gut, CBD’s stress-fighting abilities may aid in prevention.

Relieving Anxiety and Aiding in Neurological Conditions

With both having anxiolytic properties, CBD and honey may reduce anxiety levels and lower stress. This is significantly beneficial for the central nervous system which can also improve cognitive health. 

Where Can You Find CBD Infused Honey?

High quality CBD Infused Honey products are still new on the market. And finding a brand that has high-quality blends, ready to be consumed, is of utmost importance. All the ingredients should be of good quality to get the full benefits of this amazing product.

While CBD and honey are not replacements for treatments prescribed by a doctor, they can be a great addition to your everyday health and stress relief routines. 

The next time you have trouble dozing, consider giving the miracle duo of honey and CBD a try. Packed with antioxidants, CBD-infused honey works naturally with your body. Along with a host of health benefits for the mind and body, CBD and honey can help give you the rest you deserve.  


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